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Anthony Auerbach

Structural Constellations

Structural Constellations is the title Josef Albers gave to a series of graphic works he began around 1950 ...

‘The Theoretical Eye’, in Journal of Art Historiography, no. 5, December 2011

Structural Constellations: Excursus on the drawings of Josef Albers c. 1950–1960 is the title of my doctoral dissertation (UCL, 2004 ... abstract

The fragmentary character which Adorno’s last work Ästhetische Theorie has in common with Benjamin’s Passagen-Werk is that of a work interrupted by death ... extract

My thesis on Structural Constellations was accompanied by a catalogue of some 1,500 drawings ...

Structural Constellations is the book stemming from my doctoral thesis, developing both the essayistic and the monographic aspects of this work ...

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