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Anthony Auerbach

On drawing

‘The Theoretical Eye’, in Journal of Art Historiography, no. 5, December 2011

‘Grapheus Was Here’, in Drawing a Hypothesis: Figures of Thought, ed. by Nikolaus Gansterer, Vienna/New York: Springer, 2011, pp. 65–76

‘Inhabiting the Duration of a Look: a Letter on Portraiture’, in Ines Lechleitner, Puzzle Box, Maastrcht: Jan van Eyck Academie, 2010 ...

‘Contesting identity and the meta-praxis of drawing’, paper presented in The Practice of Drawing and the Construction of Artistic Identity, College Art Association Annual Conference, New York, 15 February 2007 ...

Structural Constellations is the book stemming from my doctoral thesis, developing both the essayistic and the monographic aspects of this work ...

At the heart of Anthony Auerbach’s work is the practice he renounced towards the end of the nineties: drawing ... ‘The End — and Ends — of Drawing’ by Tom McCarthy

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