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Anthony Auerbach

‘Notion Pictures: Video into Architecture’ by Anthony Auerbach, Clare Gerard and Mark Hewitt in: Cambridge Architecture Journal, No. 7 (1995/96), pp. 41–45.

From 1992 to 1995 I collaborated with Clare Gerrard and Mark Hewitt in devising and teaching a BA course in architectural design which integrated the use of video and special kinds of model making into the process of design development, from the interpretation of a given urban situation to the envisioning and testing of new spaces. We taught at the University of North London (London Metropolitan).

Our proposal was enthusiastically received by students and our results demonstrated the potential of the approach. Although today many of the ideas suggested by our work would not be considered unusual, the project did not get a very warm reception in the institutional culture at the time.

I pursued these notions in my own MA in architecture at the same school and later developed the urbanistic aspects of the topic in the project Video as Urban Condition.

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