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Anthony Auerbach

Founded in 1999 by Tom McCarthy, the International Necronautical Society (INS) spreads itself as both fiction and actuality, often blurring the two. “Famously described as ‘replaying the avant-garde along the faultline of death’” (Art Monthly, London), the INS inhabits and appropriates a variety of art forms and cultural ‘moments’ from the defunct avant-gardes of the last century to the political, corporate and conspiratorial organisations they mimicked. The INS’s manifestos, proclamations, reports, broadcasts, hearings, inspectorates, departments, committees and sub-committees are the vehicles for interventions in the space of art, fiction, philosophy and media.

Anthony Auerbach: Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique), since 2002

International Necronautical Society

Aerial Reconnaissance Berlin: dossier submitted in evidence to the International Necronautical Society (INS) Inspectorate (London, 2009) ...

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